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Thursday, June 6, 2013

What has been going on?

Hi everyone, well I am no longer working outside of the home. I suspect I will eventually get a part time job though, but in the meantime I am finally able to devote most of my energies to my apron business. As a result I've introduced a few new styles and will be working on a few more that I've had ideas about. One of the most exciting ones that I would like to tell you about is my New Maternity apron, It is before, during and after, nice and roomy and comfortable, with a short half back.

I've also reactived what was really my first Etsy store. CottageCreations, where I sell vintage stuff, mostly linens and also I upcycle damaged vintage linens into new and fresh useful items. Lately, I've been on a sustainable kick so making products to help people out in living a more sustainable life. My grocery bags have been very popular and over time I will be offering more products.

I always have a ton of useable scraps left over from my aprons and I hate just throwing them out so I've been saving them and finally came up with a project that will use them up, bowl and baking pan covers!!!! I use a set of the baking pan covers all of the time and they really work well in keeping my baked goods fresh for days. Soooo much easier then plastic wrap or tin foil. Love them!!!

You can find both the covers and the bags at CottageCreations. Along with some vintage aprons!

I hope to be posting a bit more often then once a year and I would really like to hear from you! Please feel free to post comments on this site and I will respond if appropriate.