Hello and Welcome. I specialize in custom made aprons that actually fit the plus size and full figured woman from sizes L to 5X. You can purchase my aprons either at my website www.timelessaprons.com or my etsy shop www.etsy.com/shops/timelessaprons

Friday, November 20, 2015

Website Updates!

Women’s Plus size aprons and Men’s big and tall aprons in predefined style and fabric is now available for your convenience.  Just choose your size and for some styles, select the pocket style that you prefer or there may be a color option and then proceed to check out.   To get started click here Made to Order Aprons
I’m still adding these selections as time permits so if you do not find what you want, either select your own style and fabric by clicking here Pick your Fabric Aprons and Fabric for Your Custom Apron  or visit my etsy store

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Gardening, Egg Gathering, Vendor Aprons Style Change

I’ve changed the design of the egg gathering apron. I am no longer making it with a 3rd fabric for the ties and with the slide adjustment for the neck tie.  All old style aprons are discounted and on sale at either my website Ready Made Aprons or my etsy store

The New style is made with the side channels and narrower ties that match the twill fabric.  The side channels allow for easy adjustment to fit you.  These aprons are not just egg gathering aprons they are great for gardening, vendor aprons, farmer market aprons and any other purpose that you could use lots of big pockets.  They can be found at either my website or my etsy store 

Discontinuing some aprons styles

I am making drastic changes in my style catalog and so discontinuing some long time popular styles, sorry! the styles that are marked as discontinued on sale will not be available beyond what is currently listed and made.

Most of them are on sale so that I can clear out inventory.  This is a great time to pick up an apron for you or as a gift.  You can see them at my website http://www.timelessaprons.com or at my etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/timelessaprons 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Online Shopping .......

As a shopper, sometimes online shopping just drives me crazy.  I find something that I think I really want, but there aren’t enough pictures to show all views or details and the description leaves something to be desired.   This problem has given me something to think about and wondering if I couldn’t do a better job of listing my aprons online.  One thing that I have realized over the years is that the majority of shoppers don’t want to take the time to read too much description or to look at a lot of pictures so I’ve always tried to create a balance between those that want less information and those that want more info.  I figure it is better to have too much information then not having enough.

Recently I started creating a picture for each style that shows all of the different views and elements in a particular style.  Above and below are examples of these pictures. I’m adding them to each of the listings for that particular design.  But the designs that I’m discontinuing will not have them.
I'm doing the pictures in grayscale so hopefully they wont be mistaken for what someone is buying ...