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Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy Holidays!

This Month has been very busy one, very satisfying too!
My etsy sells have been exceptionally good and I’m now trying to restock so there will be plenty to choice from for the rest of the winter.  I’ve also received an order for 50 custom aprons that I need to start on right after Christmas!!!!   

I’ve been a tiny bit disappointed in the lack of sells for my Holiday aprons, so I won’t pre-make them any longer but will make them on a custom order bases as long as my fabric stash holds out.  Watch for future information on how to order them.   I may offer a few on etsy but not more than 1 or 2 I think. I love making them so I’ll have to see about that later in the year.  I’ve established a “discontinued area” on this blog and you can buy what I’ve already made, at a reduced price, from that page and only that page.  Here is the link to it if you didn’t see it on the tabs.  https://sites.google.com/site/timelessaprons/close-outs-and-ooops-sales

There are remaining aprons for discontinued styles on this page, too, with more being added as I have time.  If you have any issues ordering, please contact me using the new contact form in the left column.

The Style catalog is updated so you can see what styles are currently in production and their measurements. 
2014 styles - I have a few new styles planned for this coming year.  They are only in the sketch stage at this time, but hopefully I will be starting work on the patterns soon. As soon as I get a sample made of each one, I will post a picture here.  
My latest new style that I posted about here, with no ties and a crossed strap back, has been wildly popular in both sizes. I may add a smaller Miss size soon, but I still need to make that pattern. 
I hope everyone is having a Happy Holidays and will have a very Happy New Year! 

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Correct Apron for Every Chore ...

I bet you’ve been thinking all along that just any apron will work for all of your every day chores, but the fabric choice is an important part of selecting the right apron for each chore.
Cooking:  For cooking just about any fabric will be appropriate, from light weight cotton to mid weight will work fine, unless you are making something that creates a wet mess or where grease will be splattering, than a mid to heavy weight such as duck or twill will be better at protecting your clothes. 

Light weight cotton, suitable for most cooking.

Dish Washing:  Many people think that the only choices to keep your clothes dry while hand washing dishes, is a vinyl or plastic apron.  Actually, a nice mid to heavy weight cotton, such as Ponte, Twill or Duck are the better choices.

Twill and Duck Aprons

For either of the above tasks, the lengths aren’t that important, which ever length works the best for you.
Housework and cleaning:  For general housework and cleaning, a better choice is a shorter length apron, well above your knees.  The shorter length keeps the apron from interfering with your movements and if you are going to climb a ladder or step up on to a stool, the shorter length will keep you from tripping. 

Shorter length aprons in Twill and Duck

Outside work and Gardening:  Again a shorter apron, well above your knees and lots of pockets will do the trick for you when it comes to outside projects.  A heavy Duck or Twill will protect your clothes better than light weight cotton.
Personally, for housework and outside work, I like a shorter apron with big pockets so I have room to stuff more things inside of the pockets.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

It’s Nearly Halloween ….

Gosh where does the time go?  Here in the plains states this Summer and Fall weather has been just gorgeous and now that it is turning cold it seems winter may get an early start, boo hiss …  I’ve been busy stocking my store so that there is a wide selection of aprons to choice from for your holiday events and gift giving. 

I’ve been taking a short break from sewing to get some winterization projects around the house completed. Ha, they still aren’t done but getting there and I hope to start sewing again next week.
I’ve also taken the time to make a new apron design and pattern. I’ve been struggling for 2 years with something similar to this, that isn’t real complicated to sew, too. I’ve finally come up with something that I’m happy with and will be offering it in both a longer length and a shorter length, and in both the XL – 2X and the 3X-4X size (both lengths)  .. This is just the first one that I’ve made, so far!

 The one pictured above is the short version, 2x and is made from green and white check cotton homespun fabric.  I plan on making these out of heavier fabric, such as cotton duck, twill and denim.  It is supper comfortable.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Good News!

The good news is that my most popular Apron is now available in Miss size! 

I just released a couple of them at Etsy and will get the rest listed over the next several days.  As of right now I have 8 made and am hoping to get a few more made this week.

This apron has been very popular in the XL-2X and the 3X-4X sizes


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Egg Gathering Apron, Updated

I have exciting news! I’ve created a full style, egg gathering apron and will be offering it in two sizes.

Med to Lg and XL to 2X. Here is a picture of the 2x version. 

This style is really an all around utility apron, perfect for gathering produce from your garden, outdoor yard work or indoor cleaning.  The generous elastic topped, pleated pockets will hold a lot of stuff for you as you work. It is also a bit shorter than a normal kitchen apron, so that it will not interfere when you stoop down or bend over.  The main body of the apron is made from durable sportswear cotton twill and the pockets are lined cotton.  

Friday, July 5, 2013

How To Determine The Fit of An Apron

Aprons are flexible in sizing so generally, it isn’t necessary to get an apron in your exact size.

As you already know, there really are no standard measurements for clothing sizes, each manufacturer and designer may be different than every other manufacturer, for the same size.

Aprons sizes vary even more than clothing.    There are many people that make and sell aprons on the internet and some of them will add longer ties to an apron and call it plus size.  Well this doesn’t take into consideration larger Bust/Chest measurements or length, so without finding out from them what the exact measurements are, you may end up with an apron that doesn’t do its job.

First thing to do is figure out the measurements of how an apron should fit you.  Keep in mind that you normally will have clothes on under the apron, so your measurements should be taken fully dressed.

If you do not have a measuring tape:

  1. Walmart, Hobby Lobby and fabric stores all have them and they are usually only a dollar or 2.
  2. If you do not want to go out and buy a tape, than use a piece of string or ribbon, and mark it for each of the measurements.  Lay the string flat and with a ruler or yard stick measure each mark.
A.  Length measurement from your shoulder: Typically you don’t need an apron that goes past your knees, but it’s ok if that is what you want. There is no right or wrong, it is totally up to you. If the neck strap is adjustable the length is really going to determine on how you position the neck size.

B.  Bust measurement: Not all of the way around, but the coverage that you need. Typically you only need a measurement that is across your front plus an inch or 2 beyond that. I’ve seen aprons being offered that state that their aprons are fitted in the bust, personally I don’t think this is important because the fit will depend on your bust size, what clothes you have on and what bra you are wearing. If you want a fitted apron, than you should talk to a local seamstress and have them make you a custom apron that will fit you just right.

C.  Waist measurement:   You need two waist measurements.  One that is just the coverage area, generally side to side based on how far around you want the apron.  The 2nd measurement is all of the way around your waist.   Take the tie measurements times 2, plus the Waist band or waist area measurement, subtract your total waist measurement. What is left divide by 2 and result is what you will have left over to tie in a bow.   Here is an example:

Your total waist measurement is 44" and your waist coverage area is 22".  The apron's waist band area is 24" and the ties are each 20".  The aprons total measurement is 20" x 2 = 40" + 24" = 64" - 44" = 20" / 2 = 10".  Each tie will have a 10" length left for your bow.

Now that you know about what the measurements should be for your new apron, you are ready to go shopping.

If the seller doesn’t list the measurements in their listing, than don’t hesitate to email them and ask them the sizes for the apron you are interested in. Measurements will often depend upon the style, so if someone offers several different styles, be sure and specify which one that you want. Please remember that it is time consuming for a seller to spend time with a prospective buyer and than frustrating when the prospective buyer doesn’t even acknowledge the info that was sent to them.

Now that you know the measurements that you are looking for in an apron, visit my Style Catalog and quickly find the style and size that is what you are looking for.  Once you have determined the style that is the best fit for you, visit my Etsy shop TimelessAprons  and have fun shopping.  If you still don't find something that works for you, please email me and include your measurements and I will see if I can help you further.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

What has been going on?

Hi everyone, well I am no longer working outside of the home. I suspect I will eventually get a part time job though, but in the meantime I am finally able to devote most of my energies to my apron business. As a result I've introduced a few new styles and will be working on a few more that I've had ideas about. One of the most exciting ones that I would like to tell you about is my New Maternity apron, It is before, during and after, nice and roomy and comfortable, with a short half back.

I've also reactived what was really my first Etsy store. CottageCreations, where I sell vintage stuff, mostly linens and also I upcycle damaged vintage linens into new and fresh useful items. Lately, I've been on a sustainable kick so making products to help people out in living a more sustainable life. My grocery bags have been very popular and over time I will be offering more products.

I always have a ton of useable scraps left over from my aprons and I hate just throwing them out so I've been saving them and finally came up with a project that will use them up, bowl and baking pan covers!!!! I use a set of the baking pan covers all of the time and they really work well in keeping my baked goods fresh for days. Soooo much easier then plastic wrap or tin foil. Love them!!!

You can find both the covers and the bags at CottageCreations. Along with some vintage aprons!

I hope to be posting a bit more often then once a year and I would really like to hear from you! Please feel free to post comments on this site and I will respond if appropriate.