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Friday, July 5, 2013

How To Determine The Fit of An Apron

Aprons are flexible in sizing so generally, it isn’t necessary to get an apron in your exact size.

As you already know, there really are no standard measurements for clothing sizes, each manufacturer and designer may be different than every other manufacturer, for the same size.

Aprons sizes vary even more than clothing.    There are many people that make and sell aprons on the internet and some of them will add longer ties to an apron and call it plus size.  Well this doesn’t take into consideration larger Bust/Chest measurements or length, so without finding out from them what the exact measurements are, you may end up with an apron that doesn’t do its job.

First thing to do is figure out the measurements of how an apron should fit you.  Keep in mind that you normally will have clothes on under the apron, so your measurements should be taken fully dressed.

If you do not have a measuring tape:

  1. Walmart, Hobby Lobby and fabric stores all have them and they are usually only a dollar or 2.
  2. If you do not want to go out and buy a tape, than use a piece of string or ribbon, and mark it for each of the measurements.  Lay the string flat and with a ruler or yard stick measure each mark.
A.  Length measurement from your shoulder: Typically you don’t need an apron that goes past your knees, but it’s ok if that is what you want. There is no right or wrong, it is totally up to you. If the neck strap is adjustable the length is really going to determine on how you position the neck size.

B.  Bust measurement: Not all of the way around, but the coverage that you need. Typically you only need a measurement that is across your front plus an inch or 2 beyond that. I’ve seen aprons being offered that state that their aprons are fitted in the bust, personally I don’t think this is important because the fit will depend on your bust size, what clothes you have on and what bra you are wearing. If you want a fitted apron, than you should talk to a local seamstress and have them make you a custom apron that will fit you just right.

C.  Waist measurement:   You need two waist measurements.  One that is just the coverage area, generally side to side based on how far around you want the apron.  The 2nd measurement is all of the way around your waist.   Take the tie measurements times 2, plus the Waist band or waist area measurement, subtract your total waist measurement. What is left divide by 2 and result is what you will have left over to tie in a bow.   Here is an example:

Your total waist measurement is 44" and your waist coverage area is 22".  The apron's waist band area is 24" and the ties are each 20".  The aprons total measurement is 20" x 2 = 40" + 24" = 64" - 44" = 20" / 2 = 10".  Each tie will have a 10" length left for your bow.

Now that you know about what the measurements should be for your new apron, you are ready to go shopping.

If the seller doesn’t list the measurements in their listing, than don’t hesitate to email them and ask them the sizes for the apron you are interested in. Measurements will often depend upon the style, so if someone offers several different styles, be sure and specify which one that you want. Please remember that it is time consuming for a seller to spend time with a prospective buyer and than frustrating when the prospective buyer doesn’t even acknowledge the info that was sent to them.

Now that you know the measurements that you are looking for in an apron, visit my Style Catalog and quickly find the style and size that is what you are looking for.  Once you have determined the style that is the best fit for you, visit my Etsy shop TimelessAprons  and have fun shopping.  If you still don't find something that works for you, please email me and include your measurements and I will see if I can help you further.