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Friday, November 15, 2013

The Correct Apron for Every Chore ...

I bet you’ve been thinking all along that just any apron will work for all of your every day chores, but the fabric choice is an important part of selecting the right apron for each chore.
Cooking:  For cooking just about any fabric will be appropriate, from light weight cotton to mid weight will work fine, unless you are making something that creates a wet mess or where grease will be splattering, than a mid to heavy weight such as duck or twill will be better at protecting your clothes. 

Light weight cotton, suitable for most cooking.

Dish Washing:  Many people think that the only choices to keep your clothes dry while hand washing dishes, is a vinyl or plastic apron.  Actually, a nice mid to heavy weight cotton, such as Ponte, Twill or Duck are the better choices.

Twill and Duck Aprons

For either of the above tasks, the lengths aren’t that important, which ever length works the best for you.
Housework and cleaning:  For general housework and cleaning, a better choice is a shorter length apron, well above your knees.  The shorter length keeps the apron from interfering with your movements and if you are going to climb a ladder or step up on to a stool, the shorter length will keep you from tripping. 

Shorter length aprons in Twill and Duck

Outside work and Gardening:  Again a shorter apron, well above your knees and lots of pockets will do the trick for you when it comes to outside projects.  A heavy Duck or Twill will protect your clothes better than light weight cotton.
Personally, for housework and outside work, I like a shorter apron with big pockets so I have room to stuff more things inside of the pockets.