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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Introducing: The Egg Gathering Apron

Do you have a few urban chickens?

A friend has a few chickens and she needed something that she could wear when gathering and feeding her chickens so I a made her an egg gathering apron.

The Chickens are more like pets so she likes to have her hands free to pet them and feed them raisins when gathering her eggs.

Her husband is modeling the apron while she took the pictures ;)

There are 5 pleated and lined pockets with elastic across the top edge so that the pockets will stay closed once the eggs are safely nestled inside.

You can get at least 2 chicken eggs in a single pocket.
So there is plenty of other pockets to stash treats for your hens and still have your hands free to carry a water pail or jug and to pet your girls.

Update:  Please see my more recent blog posting at http://timelessaprons.blogspot.com/2015/08/update-on-egg-gathering-apron.html


  1. How can I get the instructions for this egg gathering apron?

  2. Do you sell the patterns? If not, how can I buy the egg gathering apron? I didn't see it on your etsy site.