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Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy Holidays!

This Month has been very busy one, very satisfying too!
My etsy sells have been exceptionally good and I’m now trying to restock so there will be plenty to choice from for the rest of the winter.  I’ve also received an order for 50 custom aprons that I need to start on right after Christmas!!!!   

I’ve been a tiny bit disappointed in the lack of sells for my Holiday aprons, so I won’t pre-make them any longer but will make them on a custom order bases as long as my fabric stash holds out.  Watch for future information on how to order them.   I may offer a few on etsy but not more than 1 or 2 I think. I love making them so I’ll have to see about that later in the year.  I’ve established a “discontinued area” on this blog and you can buy what I’ve already made, at a reduced price, from that page and only that page.  Here is the link to it if you didn’t see it on the tabs.  https://sites.google.com/site/timelessaprons/close-outs-and-ooops-sales

There are remaining aprons for discontinued styles on this page, too, with more being added as I have time.  If you have any issues ordering, please contact me using the new contact form in the left column.

The Style catalog is updated so you can see what styles are currently in production and their measurements. 
2014 styles - I have a few new styles planned for this coming year.  They are only in the sketch stage at this time, but hopefully I will be starting work on the patterns soon. As soon as I get a sample made of each one, I will post a picture here.  
My latest new style that I posted about here, with no ties and a crossed strap back, has been wildly popular in both sizes. I may add a smaller Miss size soon, but I still need to make that pattern. 
I hope everyone is having a Happy Holidays and will have a very Happy New Year! 

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