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Saturday, October 11, 2014

General Musings!

First, my business has really taken off, that is when etsy stops messing with their site long enough so that people can find me.  Sales in August were  fantastic, than Sept 10th hit and etsy started making changes to the site and my sales died out for 2 weeks.  That could have been a natural cycle but I prefer blaming etsy, lol ....

If business keeps up this way and it should actually increase with the holidays, I probably wont be able to visit here often to post new and interesting things.    If you leave comments, I will be notified and I can reply if necessary.  If I am not able to come for a visit or post much, just know that I am around still and working hard on my aprons.

One of my apron styles isn't selling well, I am about ready to list more of them  and will try to continue listing new ones.

 or Buy this apron now for $38.00 (Plus Size Apron Smock, Tan Calico with tiny Blue flowers - sized for 3X to 4X)

Frequently, I will put one of these on in the morning and wear it all day unless I am going to run errands or company arrives.  It is great because it is short enough not to interfere with any of my activities and it is perfect to keep cooking mishaps, food spills, dirt and dust from cleaning or dish water splatters from my clothes. So if I have to leave or someone drops in, I don't have to check my clothes over to see if they are clean enough to be seen in, I can just whisk off the apron and be confident that I am presentable.   Granted it isn't sexy but it isn't meant to be the type of apron that you are seen in, but it is meant to be a work horse apron. I also think it would be fantastic apron for the wheel chair bound person as it is only hip length.
 It comes in all 3 sizes that I offer  M/L, XL/2X and 3X/4X
Let me know if you have any thoughts on why it isn't selling.  TIA
It is time for me to get back to my sewing or listing ... Hope you all are enjoying the beautiful Fall weather or Spring for those of you down under ;)  ....   Anita

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