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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back in Business ……

Yeaaaaaaaaa, my new sewing machine is on it’s way cross country to it’s new home … it should arrive near the end of the week .. I’m sooo excited I can’t stand it … lol

So in the mean time, I’ve been making new patterns and sewing the sample aprons .. I love sample aprons because I get to add them to my apron wardrobe … Every time I make a new pattern I usually have to make a sample apron to make sure it fits correctly and to figure out the best construction order and methods.. very few of the samples come out good enough to sell, so I get to keep them … there has been a few times that it has taken a couple of samples to get all of the kinks worked out, if a sample isn’t going well I either don’t finish it or tear it all apart and start over …

So, here are a couple that I worked up …. The first one I just LOVE .. LOVE … LOVE it and I hope you all do too … I did the pattern a little different in that I made the entire apron out of muslin and base stitches first, made adjustments and then made the pattern … so the first apron that I made out of pretty fabric turned out great and here it is .. I may list it, only because I have sooo many aprons, but then I really like it so we'll see .... ;)

I just can’t decide about this next apron… I thought I would really like to have an apron in this style to wear while doing housework .. but now that I’ve made one I’m not as sure ..

What do you guys think? Should I make another one to sell or not? do you like it? hate it? Your opinion matters to me, so tell me what you think ....

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  1. From the front, I LOVE the look of this apron. For ease of putting on though, and for looks from the back, I would consider crossing the back straps and wrapping them around to tie in front instead of attaching to a separately sewn belt