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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Electronic blues … or when it rains it pours …

Soon after I took my sewing machine into the shop, my computer printer/scanner/fax stopped working and then a few days later my digital camera decided to stop working … grrrrr .. .by this time I am ready to throw all electronics out and pretend I live 100 years or so ago … Yesterday, having still not heard from the sewing repair guy I stopped by his shop while doing some errands and he tells me that it isn’t fixable, the motor is burned out .. I did sew a lot before Christmas so I guess I should feel lucky I made it through the Holiday season, but this machine was only 1 ½ yrs old, so his verdict didn’t make me happy.
The repair shop has lots of older used sewing machines and I wanted to buy one right then and there but he kept stalling and finally said he would look them over and call me the next day, which is today …. Honestly, I have a custom order for an apron that I said I would do so I wanted a sewing machine right then and there but he didn’t seem to want to take my money .. hmmm, I wonder if his shop is really a front for something else .. lol ..just joking … so I went shopping, got a replacement printer, bought a new memory card for the camera, luckily that is all it needed and I bought a sewing machine. Now the machine I really want has to be ordered, so I got a cheaper one that I can use for a few weeks and then it can be my back up since my older back up isn’t working either. Today I set up the new sewing machine and using a scrap of fabric to test it out with, I was ready to get to work and …. It didn’t work either …. Am I jinxed? I called the manufacture and they had me try a few things and they finally said that it probably is faulty …. grrr .. so I packed it up and went to exchange it … the store didn’t have any more of that model, so I got a different and now I’m afraid to test it .. lol … keep your fingers crossed for me …. Well at least the printer is working so hopefully I will be back sewing aprons soon …. I’ve really missed making them …

Btw, the repair shop still hasn’t called me about one of their used sewing machines ;)

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